Growth Mindset

Enrich the culture of your school, workplace or team with this hands-on workshop geared towards fostering the idea that growth is possible on all levels: individual, small teams, and organizations as a whole.  Unleash the power of “yet” and reach new heights with a growth mindset in your organization.

Systems Thinking

Take a look into the benefits of employing a systems thinking framework.  Develop an appreciation for the habits of systems thinkers, methods and strategies for encouraging problem solving and questioning, and discover how systems thinking can improve an individuals’ ability to view the inter-relatedness of ones’ actions over time.

Organizational Change

Are you preparing to move in a new direction within your organization?  This workshop will help your leadership build towards change gracefully.  We will work with your team and situation to develop a change management plan and identify key targets to bring about a smooth transition to your desired improvement goals.

Education as Outreach

Build visibility for your organization and its mission by engaging in educational outreach.  Our team will help you focus on a need within your community or target population for whom a service is needed.  We then will work with your organization to provide a service to this group, generally through some type of education, to allow your organization to spread the word about what you can offer them as a service or product.

Gamification in the Workplace

Are you new to gamification?  Curious what it can offer your organization?  This workshop will provide you a foundation for understanding what it is and how you can take the idea back to your organization to be implemented.

Gamification in the Classroom

Gamifi-what?  Gamification is a growing technique teachers across the nation are using to engage their learners and help them develop a deeper foundation of understanding, engaging in higher-order thinking.  This workshop will provide you with tools to take back to your classroom today and provide you with research based tips you can implement with your students to engage and motivate them all year long!

Motivation in the Workplace

Looking to engage your team?  This workshop will get to the source of the issue and you will come away with research based strategies and tips based on fundamental theories of motivation that you can take back to your organization and implement today!

Motivation in the Classroom

This workshop is designed for the classroom teacher who is looking for some researched based tips and tricks to motivate students.

Providing Meaningful Feedback

Key to engaging your team or class, is providing meaningful feedback.  Just as meaningful, is setting up clear expectations from the beginning and communicating them well.  This workshop will build your organization or faculty’s ability to set your staff or students up for success and provide specific strategies to increase growth and improve outcomes.

Social Emotional Skills

In this three part workshop participants will examine and plan to implement effective communication, SMART goal setting, and making informed decisions.  Strategies for using these skills will be provided and participants will leave feeling empowered to add these tools to their professional and personal environments.

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