Learning solutions you can trust

Dove Learning uses popular authoring tools to design eLearning, webinars, instructor and participant guides, & technical publications. We have proven expertise in simplifying complex concepts and lengthy processes into accurate, concise and easy-to-understand written content.

Our instructors have been designated as Train-the-Trainer Instructors and coaches, providing essential instructional techniques for quality conference and workshop delivery, using adult learning theory, or when appropriate, brain-based learning research and child growth and development theory.

We excel in media design and asking insight gaining questions and have a strong record of collaborating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and colleagues for intense analysis of instructional outcomes and superior initiative development for world-class learning experiences.

School improvement specialists

Dove learning will work with your school to design and lead change through research-based initiatives including, but not limited to, organizational culture change, professional development, curriculum mapping, standard alignment, assessment, and instructional coaching.

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