School Improvement Initiatives

Whether your school is struggling to meet standards and increase test scores in order to keep funding or looking to implement a single initiative, Dove Learning will provide leadership, support, consultation, and training to increase student learning by facilitating school improvement efforts.

Dove Learning will:

  • Develop and provide consultation, facilitation, and professional development services.
  • Collaborate across programs, districts, and organizations to support implementation of federal, state, and local initiatives.
  • Support curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet content and performance standards.
  • Support specific projects, such as traditional and digital instructional materials adoption, curriculum alignment, blended learning, teacher evaluation, mentoring, and work sample scoring.
  • Assist with grant and contract applications, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Serve as liaison and maintain communication with state or private agencies regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school improvement.
  • Keep up to date on local, state, and national trends, rules, laws, and legislation related to schools, teaching, learning, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school improvement.