Who We Are

Kristin Knickelbein – MS Ed

Instructional Designer – Education Consultant

Experienced instructional designer.  Kristin has nearly 20 years of instructional design experience. She has provided consultation and faculty development via face-to-face, webinar, and asynchronous deliveries for online and brick and mortar schools in the United States and an international training provider.

Excellent knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models. She holds a BS in Elementary Education & MSEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Learning Design & Technology, having completed the master’s program at Purdue with a 4.0.  She is poised on the cutting edge of current educational technology practices.  She designs using ADDIE, Dick & Carey, Rapid Prototyping, and SAM.

Solid knowledge of course development software and experience working with a learning management system.  She has worked with Storyline, Captivate, Smartbuilder, Blackboard, Moodle, Schoology, Google Suite, and many other helpful tools for developing effective, interactive instructional materials and pedagogy.

Excellent written communication skills in order to write professional and effective training materials.  From effective communications and training materials, work aids, facilitation guides, instructional videos and demos, and complete, off-the-shelf, curriculum programs, Kristin has consistently been commended for her ability to communicate and provide exceptional materials for her clients.

Experienced with online services and web-based instructional design as a learner and designer.  She has developed and implemented asynchronous websites, online modules, and web-based resources for online learners through her studies at Purdue University, and personal and professional projects and ventures.

Experienced in developing internal and external documentation, videos and supporting materials.  She has developed documentation demonstrating rationale behind design decisions, explanatory and engaging videos and online modules and supporting materials for various clients and projects.

Experienced in project management and program evaluation.  As director of a STEAM program in her community, she has taken on the project management and program evaluation roles along with a curriculum design role, using Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation model. She has managed various other instructional projects and personnel throughout her work at St Mark including Power Hour, Advent by Candlelight, & Women of St Mark, and everydaycelebrations.com.